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Info on Budapest Private tours
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Information on the city

It is the capital city of Hungary, with a population of cca 2 million people.
It is a very popular touristic destination, has a lot to see and to offer.
Below you can read about some of the interesting sights.
Buda Castle is the biggest baroque style royal residence in the city. There are museums inside: the National Gallery, Budapest History museum. Chainbridge is more than 160 years old. Fishermen's Bastion is in the Old Town and offers a spectacular view on the city. Heroes square with the Millenium Monument were built in 1896.

--> These are included in Tour 1 - Sightseeing in Budapest

Buda Castle Chainbridge Fishermen's Bastion Heroes Square
Buda Castle - Royal Palace
Fishermen's Bastion
Heroes' square

The biggest building in Hungary. It has got about 700 rooms, 27 entrances and about 40 kg's of pure gold, it is the most expensive building.
The Holy Hungarian Crown is about 1000 years old and can be visited inside the Parliament.

--> This is included in Tour 2 - Parliament (interior visit)

Parlamento Sala de la asamblea nacional La Santa Corona de HungrĂ­a El Parlamento de noche
Parliament Session Hall Hungarian Crown By night

City of cafes
Budapest has a lot beautiful cafes. Visit the famous Cafe NEW YORK or Cafe GERBAUD in the centre and try the delicious Hungarian cakes.

These can be included in  Tour 3 - Extended Tour of Budapest

CafeNewYork Cafe New York Cafe Gerbaud Gerbaud Cake Famous Cakes
Cafe New York
Cafe New York - inside
Cafe Gerbaud
Gerbaud Cake
Hungarian Cakes

Thermal Spa Baths
Hungary and Budapest are famous for thermal water. There are 123 spa springs in Budapest and you can enjoy the medicinal thermal water in over 30 thermal spa baths. The most famous ones are GELLERT and SZECHENYI baths. You can see people playing chess in the water (!!).

--> These are included in: Tour 3 - Extended Tour of Budapest

Gellert Bath - outside Gellert Bath - inside Szechenyi Bath Chess in the pool
GELLERT Bath - outside GELLERT Bath - inside SZECHENYI Bath Playing chess in the pool

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